SysAmigo Technologies

Embedded Software Services in Lucknow

Sysamigo offers embedded software development services for products and equipments used in Industrial Automation, Communications, Digital Multimedia and High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) applications.
We also provide software services on RTOS and bare metal based systems, device drivers, product firmware development and performance optimization for hardware devices & multicore platforms.
Sysamigo offers embedded OS solutions to help customers meet tight project schedules. These solutions range from Windows based embedded OS to Linux for standard and customized board systems. hardware becomes powerful and cost effective, embedded software in devices expands its footprint in various areas such as consumer electronics, transportation, medicine, and manufacturing.
Embedded software is a type of software that is inserted in hardware or non-PC devices. Embedded software is written specifically for the particular hardware with the help of programing language that it runs on. Examples of embedded software like GPS devices, robots, calculators and smartwatches.
Embedded software is specialized programming in a chip to controls device’s functions. Our hardware maker team use embedded software to control the functions of hardware devices. Embedded software controls device functions in the same way that a computer’s operating system controls the function of software applications.

Embedded Software

  • Bootloader
  • Board Support Package
  • Custom Application Development
  • Embedded Device Bus Drivers Development
  • USB Drivers
  • Network Drivers Development
  • Domain Specific Electronics/Sensors/Bluetooth/Infrared/GSM/GPRS/GPS software support
  • Storage Driver: EEPROM,NAND (large page, small page), MMC/SD
  • DSP Applications
  • PCMCIA Driver
  • Porting Network Protocol Stack
  • Data, Control and Management Plane software development

Architecture Support


  • Freescale QorIQ P2020/2010
  • Kinetis KE06 CAN microcontroller
  • ARM
  • PowerPC
  • Motorola 68K
  • X86
  • AVR
  • PIC
  • MSP430
  • MIPS
  • Network Processors


  • ADI (Blackfin 533/537, SHARC, 218x, 219x), TI (C5000, C6000, OMAP, Davinci)
  • Freescale (MSC 81xxx), Chipwrights (Vector DSP)

Operating Systems

  • VxWorks
  • Various flavors of Embedded Linux
  • Windriver Linux
  • eCos
  • Windows CE
  • Android