TrackOnGo Personal Tracker

TrackOnGo personal Tracker

TrackOnGo Personal Tracker

Product Description:

TrackOnGo Personal Tracker has come with an easy to carry tracker hardware device. The device is charged with 5 V, 1A rating universal USB charger used for charging almost all the mobile phone handsets these days. Pictures of personal tracker are attached.


Product Description


Network :    GSM/GPRS

Band :     850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPS  :Supports QZSS, SBAS ranging, supports WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS/GAGAN

GPS Time To Fix :Hot Start Cold status 45s Warm status 35s Hotstatus 1s

GPS sensitivity :147 dBm

Power Supply :Built-in Rechargeable 3.7 V 1000 mAh Li-ion Battery

Charging :Charged with 5V, 1A rating universal USB charger

Personal Tracker in Lucknow

Once charged, it runs for more than 24 hours on battery. You can keep the personal tracker with your children and other family members or with yourself only so that your family knows where you are. You can use the tracker as an ID card cum tracking system for your sales and marketing work force. You can use it as an asset to track delivery of your asset or luggage.
Now days, youngsters are out to other cities or countries on job, and extremely worried about their parents. With personal tracker with parents or other beloved senior citizens and elderly persons, you know about their location when they are at home, or when they are travelling. It is a big relief to know about the location of your beloved.


• Live Tracking.
• Live Status of each device -Whether Running, Stopped or Idle.
• Replay the Historical data
• Travel summary – Gives Distance travelled for today, yesterday, and month.
• Geo-Fencing – You can create Geo areas and assign particular Device to a specified Geo-Area.
Using automated driver alerts and/or our GPS reporting dashboard, you know
precisely when your Devices enter and exit the Geo-Area and view where there is
Device overlap which in turn allows you to adjust your fleet to be more
• POI (Point Of Interest) – You can configure POI. Points of Interest (POIs) are useful places
on a map. Some examples include warehouses, distribution centers,
delivery points, bus stops, service centers or whatever they are.
You can now plot all your business points/landmarks as Points of
Interest (POI’s). You can even set alerts to notify you when a
Device enters or leaves a point.
• Route Path Allocation – With this feature you can create a path from a selected location to
the destination. There can be only two points in the path, i.e. one
start point and one end point. You can select the points by selecting
any location on the geographical map. Alert is generated if Device
goes off Route.
• Reports – You can generate any report in excel/pdf format for analysis.
• Alerts – There are number of Alerts that you can get via SMS or Notification through Web
application or Android App. Low battery, Off Route, Travelled kilometers, Reached POI


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