TrackOnGo Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Tracker in Lucknow

TrackOnGo Vehicle Tracker

Product Description:

TrackOnGo Vehicle Tracker is a complete system for Bus, Truck and Car Transport and Fleet managers. It is very useful for individual 4-wheeler owners too. You no longer have to lose your sleep and worry where your vehicle is located right now in India. Right at the click of your mouse on web-portal application or touch of your finger on Android App, you can know the location of the vehicle.


Product Description


GSM Bands : Quad Band: 850,900,1800,1900MHz

GPRS :Class 12


GPS Tracking Sensitivity :Super Tracking Sensitivity -165dBm,
66 Acquisition Channel & 22 Tracking Channels

GPS Acquisition :Cold < 15 Seconds Warm < 5 Seconds Hot < 1 Seconds GSM & GPS Antenna :Internal

Inputs :4 Digital Inputs (Intelligent) / 2 Digital Inputs (Smart)
1 Analog Input (Intelligent) / No Analog Input (Smart)

Output :2 Digital Outputs (Intelligent) / 1 Digital Output (Smart)

USB Port :Firmware Up gradation & Configuration Parameter Setting
(Intelligent) / Serial Port (Smart)

Connector :10 Pin Automotive Grade (Intelligent) / 5 Pin Automotive (Smart)

Average Current Consumption :Less than 80mA

Internal Memory :58000 Logs (Intelligent) / 3000 Logs (Smart)

Multiple Server Connectivity :Up to 5 Servers (Intelligent) / Single Server (Smart)

Power Supply :12V Automotive Battery

Backup Power :Built-in Rechargeable 3.7 V 1000 mAh Li-ion Battery

Product Made in India

TrackOnGo Vehicle Tracker in Lucknow

Features –

• Live Tracking of each vehicle.
• Live Status of each vehicle – whether Running, Stopped or Idle.
• Replay the Historical data
• Travel summary – Distance travelled for today, yesterday, and month.
• Geo-Fencing – You can create Geo areas and assign particular Device to a specified Geo-Area. Using automated driver alerts and/or our GPS reporting dashboard, you know precisely when your Devices enter and exit the Geo-Area and view where there is Device overlap which in turn allows you to adjust your fleet to be more efficient.
• Route Path Allocation – With this feature you can create a path from a selected location to the destination. There can be only two points in the path, i.e. one start point and one end point. You can select the points by selecting any location on the geographical map. Alert is generated if Device goes off Route.
• Reports in excel, pdf.
• Alerts – There are number of Alerts that you can get via SMS or Notification through Web application or Android App.

Overspeed Alert Configuration ,Movement Alert Configuration ,Ignition Alert Configuration ,Off route Alert,Travelled kilometres Alerts

SysAmigo Technologies is working with schools and providing complete services in GPS Tracker deployment in school buses and school vans.

There is a special school module to cater to the needs of School administration, and Parents. Features –
” Configuration of Pickup and Drop points for each child in the Bus
” Alerts to Parents on the App before the arrival of the Bus for pickup or drop
” Parents can track the bus on their app
” Record keeping of each child
” Easy import of child data via excel file
” School administrator can create and maintain details of Bus drivers and cleaners at a central place.


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