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Training in Lucknow

Sysamigo Provides higher learning and training in Lucknow on embedded system design, PCB Design and VLSI technologies. We deliver corporate fast track courses for working professionals and PCB Design and development courses for students.
Courses with modules are given below.

Location : Hyderabad

PCB Layout

  • Introduction of PCB and types of PCBs .Introduction of Different type PCB design Process .Introduction of Net list /schematics.
  • footprint creation following IPC standards.
  • Library management.
  • Import /export compatibility with tool.
  • Electrical and mechanical constraint for PCB layout .Introduction of Design rule.
  • Routing and Placement criteria.
  • Design rule check /and Error Analysis.

Component engineering

  • Introduction of different type electronics component .Different type of component package and Importance .Components electrical and thermal property.
  • How to get component from different sources.

Cam Setup /Gerber Generation

  • Introduction of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) of PCB.
  • What is cam set up /requirement.
  • How to assign layers.
  • Introduction of drill chart and fabrication note.
  • Compatibility of Gerber tool and Cam files.
  • Penalization.

Signal integrity (SI )

  • Introduction /Requirement of Signal integrity .Common SI Issue in PCB.
  • Basic terminology /layout recommendation (Crosstalk ,Ringing ,termination ,overshoot ,undershoot etc ).
  • Introduction of Simulation model IBIS /HSPICE/.PML and S parameter.
  • Library set up and model assignment /component property assignment.
  • Different type of simulation process ( Oscilloscope, batch mode ).
  • One separate Module On DDRx simulation.
  • Simulation analysis and troubleshooting through (termination wizard , time delay audit report , layout recommendation ).

PCB thermal Analysis

  • Introduction and Requirement of Thermal analysis.
  • Common thermal Issue.
  • Basic terminology In thermal analysis (Thermal Resistance, Power dissipation etc ).
  • Environmental condition and compatibility of PCB stack up.
  • Introduction of Heat transfer measure (Heat sink, thermal screw, Heat pipe ).
  • Simulation analysis and troubleshooting through (Heat transfer measure, layout recommendation etc ).

Assembly technique

  • Different type of soldering and disordering technique.
  • Different type of assembly process.
  • Standard guideline.
  • QC check list /BOM.
  • Fundamental of component and PCB material and electrical property.

PCB EMI /EMC analysis

  • Fundamental OF EMI/EMC // Requirement of EMI/EMC analysis.
  • Basic of simulation types standards/Classes (CSPR, FCC, Class A,B ..etc ).
  • Simulation Model, library set up, tool setup.
  • Limit validation for different application.
  • Common cases of EMI /EMC issue and trouble shooting.
  • Simulation process (Oscilloscope, batch simulation ).

Power Integrity

  • Basic Concepts.
  • Power distributed network .
  • Identify potential power integrity distribution issues
  • Analyze voltage drop.
  • Simulate IC switching noise.
  • PDN impedance profile validation.

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